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Querétaro is one of 31 Mexican states. I didn't know it myself, but the official name of the country is: Estados Unidos Mexicanos. Let's translate it as: United States of Mexico.
The capital of Querétaro is Santiago de Querétaro. But in casual talk, they skip Santiago in most cases. I always had problems because I never knew wether they were talking about state or the city.


Mexicans are known to be very religious people. You can figure that out just by walking the streets. In every you can find at least two churches :)


Of course some streets are more reputable than the other. So are cars. A couple of times I just couldn't believe my eyes what is rolling down the road.


We were in Querétaro in the time of carnival. It looks very Indian :)


But large cities don't hold us for long. We decided to go explore the surroundings. First on the list was a magical town (el pueblo magico) of Bernal. It's famous because of the tall monolith rising above the town.


You can climb the steep slope to quite a decent altitude. All the way to  the top, unfortunately only with a climbing gear. But already at the point where you can get without it, you have a chance to observe....or better, imagine how nice the view would be if there was no mines :)


For our next magic stop we had to cross the state border and reach a couple of kilometres into state of Guanajuato. The town was called San Miguel de Allende. By our experience it is the most colourful town in already very colourful Mexico.



We were lucky. All the time of our stay in Querétaro we were hosted by the family of Dolores C. Dolo has three brothers and three sisters. For weekend we decided to go for a picnic. We went somewhere they call "in the nature". But in Europe we would probably use the word "in the middle of nowhere".
We started on an asphalt road. Then it ended and we continued on unpaved one.


Also this one ended. We had to put the way under our feet. And half an hour of walking from the place where all the paths end, we got awarded with an amazing view. Mexico as in the movies.



We also climbed the nearby mountain and deserved a beer on top.


But beer wasn't enough to keep our stomachs​ quiet. It was time for picnic - in a local way. First we had to empty a cactus, fill it with pieces of another cactus, tomatoes and onions, and throw it directly on the fire.  The crescents right of the cactus are Tacos a la Carbon. The taste didn't convince me, but they should be good for teeth :)


Of course, we helped by our own abilities...


...and degustation. Ziva found agave taller than her. From this one we can make a decent amount of tequila :)


To be honest, we didn't have much expectations about Mexico. But what we found was a very positive surprise. This country hides so many natural wonders, many of them quite unaccessible. We discovered only the tip of iceberg. What are we going to find when we move further south with all the ruins of Maya's civilisation.

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