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I was already writting about russian roads. Well, I won't spend much words about mongolian... By the way you have a chance to hear some mongolian rock 'n' roll on the radio in backgroud :)

Video no. 1:

And if you question yourself how does this look like after rain?

Every now and then you have to cross some river... :)

And because I don't like sensational reporting myself, I have to be objective. All the roads are not like that of course. Some of them are paved, but at least 80% of them are dirt.

However, good old russian Buhankas, which are the most common transport far away from big cities, are just like made for such roads. When I was in Russia I wondered why the hell they are still in production? Now I know. In Mongolia they have no competitor...

It's interesting how the data on different maps differ. When the holes on the road become too deep they start to find new ways and the the paths move. Like the roads are alive. As a consequence, Mongolia is one of the worst chartographed areas in the world. GPS maps are more or less useless.

Example: the way from Murun to Tsagannuur. Google maps shows such picture:

Here Maps knows other roads in the same area:

But Triposo thinks we're completely lost:

In Europe there are highways, signs, very detailed maps etc, but we still use GPS. Here is nothing but a meadow and they manage to find the way to a destination 270 km far away without any aids. The journey to Tsagaannuur took 10 hours. Quickly you can calculate that average speed did not rise above 30 km/h. And if you meet a car driving in the opposite direction, it's necessary to stop so the drivers can exchange traffic information :)

When you step out of a car after 10 hours you have a feeling like you got from a ship. Your arms are also a bit tired of holding for something all the time. Safety belts are a luxury you won't find. But alhough 10 hours sounds a lot, it's not borring. All the time you have a great view to the unspoiled nature. You have a time to think, and on you mind comes: "Hmm, that's probably how the whole world looked like some ten thousands years ago. Before people started to build houses, roads, cities... Hmm..."

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