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From Luang Prabang to Lao capital - Vientiane is less than 350 kilometres. It sounds not much, but when you add to equation the conditions of roads and knowing of people about hitchhiking, you get a result: this won't be possible in one day. It was neccessary to divide the journey in two parts. And just to make things easier there is a town called Vang Vieng almost exactly in the middle.


I don't want to talk much about the town itself. In the first bar we sit down, we got three menus on the table. First with food, second with drinks and third with illegal drugs. When I went for a walk alone in the evening, I couldn't avoid local street girls. It's a city of sin in the middle of inocent and unspoiled countryside. It left a black spot on otherwise very exciting experience of Laos.

More interesting was the road to Vang Vieng. I can say without much thinking it's one of the most scenic rides I took and definitelly a highlight of this trip. Once more it was proven that the road is more important than the destination. Photos below are the only reason for writting this article.

First we had to climb a mountain pass at 1400 meters of altitude.


Of course we couldn't avoid a fog on the top. And soon not even rain...


On the other side, on the way down, we got surprised by sun.


And children cycling from the school.


Most of the time we were watching the surroundings from trucks. Also a french couple joined us :)


But every now and then I had to point my eyes to the sky. Otherwise I would think something is wrong with my vision and I can see only green colour :)


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