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A while ago I posted a map of our trip on social network. Just after that I received a bunch of messages and questions, how do we make it. Do we really have so much money saved? The answer dissappoints everyone. For a long term travel you don't necessarily need a lot of money. To make it even more paradoxical, I claim that slower you travel, cheaper it can be.

Following is the epilogue of the series of articles about traveling on extremely low budget. You can read previous articles on the links: TransportFinding accommodationFood and Actual expenses.

We received messages like: “You are traveling so long and have visited so many countries. You have all my respect…” But this is truly nothing special. Marco Polo crossed Asia already in 13th century when the highest technology was a magnetic compass. He's the one who deserves all respect.

Today we have internet, satelite navigation systems and detailed electronic maps. Traveling became walking in park.


Seven websites that will make your travel cheaper




Couchsurfing helps us to find local families or individuals willing to give you free accommodation. It's the opportunity to see the local everyday life and attend travel community events.

Alternative: BeWelcome, Trustroots.




Workaway offers access to the list of hosts needing​ help with their projects or activities. In exchange for volunteering a couple of hours a day, we get free accommodation, food and unforgettable experience.

Alternative: WWOOF, HelpX


3. AirBNB


AirBNB is an internet marketplace of low cost short term tourist accommodations.


4. Hitchwiki


Hitchwiki is a hitchhiking encyclopedia. It offers information, advices and experiences of other users. We can find where and how to hitchhike in places all over the world.


5. Kayak

Kayak is not just a regular airfare search engine. It also features advenced search of flights without determined final destination. That way it's easier and faster to spot a cheap offer. We just have to be a bit flexible.




BlaBlaCar is a ridesharing service. It allows sharing the cost of trip between drivers and passengers headed in the same direction.


7. Imoova

Imoova helps us to find campervan relocation deals.

Alternative: CoSeats


Additionally ​is worth to mention also...

Websites like HouseCarersMindMyHouse and LuxuryHouseSitting allow us to get in contact with people who need someone to take care of the house in time of their absence. WarmShowers is a hospitality service for cyclists. On CampInMyGarden and OwlCamp we find free camping spots. Online encyclopedia SikhiWiki shows a map of temples offering free meals. And there are more.


That way or another we can always find internet access. I don't like fast food but I started to realize that McDonald's is traveler's best friend. You can find it in any town and no one even cares if you enter just to use free WiFi :)

It has never been as easy to travel as today. We just have to use what is available.


With that we came to the end of series of articles about traveling on extremely low budget. I know I didn't answer to all the questions. Actually I believe I created even more new ones. But for those I am, as always, available via regular contact services.

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Chiang Mai, Thailand
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