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This article might sound like an advertisement​, but it's not commercial and posted with good intentions​.

In Malaysia Ziva and I were volunteering​ at the bamboo farm and meet a very inspiring family there. A french couple, Guillaume and Gaëlle, has three young children (the oldest goes to school, the youngest wasn't even two years old at the time) and a loan for the house, but they found a way to travel long term. The journey lead them across many countries including Latvia, Jordan, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan... They should serve as an example for everyone claiming that after you make a family, you can't afford more than just a short holidays. They prove this wrong and nothing more than just an excuse.


Now they already returned from the trip and are putting all their efforts in the next step on the road of making their dreams come true. On a smaller farm in the middle of idilic French countryside they want to develop a true French bakery and making bread from natural yeast. A century ago this was the only recipe, but nowadays it's almost impossible to find such bread any more.


Guillaume is currently working on a project of building a wood oven, but there is much more to be done. They decided to bring ideas closer to realisation in a way as they traveled. In exchange of a help with construction, house keeping, gardening etc, they are willing to host people from all over the world and provide them free accommodation, food and other necessities. At the time of my visit they were hosting a young American couple.


Anyone that wants to get the experience of living on the French countryside, learn making bread from natural yeast, about permaculture farming or just help the wonderful family reaching their dreams, can contact them using their social media, Workaway or contact form on this blog.


The farm is located in the south of France, not far from the town of Montesquieu Volvestre and village La Bastide-de-Besplas. Both places offer very pristine and non-touristic view of local life and culture. The closest big city is Toulouse, one hour away.



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