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At the moment of writting those words I'm sitting in a cosy room on the outskirts of Kemerovo - medium town in the hearth of Siberia. People say I'm quite far away from home, asking me how did I end up here and what am I actualy doing anyway? But before I start thinking about answers I get another question: What home really is? I don't ask them this question. I don't expect an answer to receive.

I developed this website so there would be less questions and more answers :) I hope I manage to write an article every once in a while. It will probably be focused on photos, but you might find some text between them too... But first, I have to explain how I got to this, proverbialy deserted Siberia.

I was born in idilic country at the foothills of Alps. My acestors named it Slovenia. Here I grew up, got educated and employed. Subconsciously I did everything by the rules of perfect capitalistic citizen. According to my education I got a decent job with above average salary for our conditions. But there was something I missed. All the time I wished freedom and independance, although I did not know exactly what does it really mean. First time I felt it during my solo trip to western USA. That was followed with other journeys and that’s when I got bitten by this bug. Everytime I returned home, (again question about home) to that routine flow, I felt trapped. Escape was just a question of time.

It wasn't easy decision and it required some psychological preparations. But if I thing about it now, it seems like a child's play. Even more, completely evident. Like there was no other options. I quit the job, packed the most important things, invited friends for farewell picnic and headed to east, to freedom, towards the rising sun.

You have another question: What does this mean? How long will you travel, where are you going, what do you plan to see? Actually I already answered to those questions many times and I know there will be more of them. But I have an easy answer for this one: I don't know :) Because this is the meaning of freedom. Freedom that we forgot about already in the stone age. I did not quit the job to make new limitations. Wonderful when traveling without plans is that it doesn't matter where you are right now. You don't think about the destination but just enjoy the journey.

Talking about the stone age. At that time a man for the first time said: “This is my stone, this is my land,” and drew a border. After the stone age, age of bureaucrats came. Those introduced custom controls, visas and similar inconveniances just to keep that stone they seized from nature. Consequently we can not achieve complete freedom any more. I'm still limited with time I can spend inside those lines that are visible only on a map. But we can not avoid this :)

Currently I'm on the road across Russia to Mongolia. My wish is to travel further to China, southeastern Asia and so on. Just towards the rising sun :) But I don't think about this much yet. All in good time, otherwise I lose freedom...


Update, 8/14/2016

I'm not alone any more. With joy I can say that the crew of this trip got doubled and especially more beautiful. My friend Živa joined me in Hanoi. More about it you can read in the article Crew beautification.


Update 9/12/2017

After more than a year of wandering around the world we returned to the place of origin. But this is not the end. The journey has to continue, athough not so literally. Traveling showed us how the freedom looks like. Now it's time to find it in ourselves. The search for freedom is just beginning!



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