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Cambodia turned out to be more expensive than we thought. Soon we realized that we'll have to find some volunteering job to avoid expenses of food and accomodation at least for a while. That's how we ended up on a quiet tropical island of Koh Rong Sanloem.


Adventure began shortly after we boarded the ferry. Not half an hour has passed when right engine decided to stop working. Luckily, it's a routine procedure (same boat runs non-stop and there is no time for decent repairs) and a "mechanic" was at the spot in a moment...


Koh Rong Sanloem should not be mixed up with neighbouring Koh Rong. We didn't go to the last one, but as much as we were told this is an island for parties. On the other hand, K. R. Sanloem is a peaceful, pristine piece of land which is starting to be more visited by tourists just now. Most of the time we spent in M'Pai Bei, what in Khmer language means: twenty three :)

There is a small village in the bay with no more than 200 inhabitants. 25 of those are foreigners which are trying to develop tourist services on the island.


Among them is also an australian couple - Meg and Bee. When I say young I mean younger than us. However, their project is opening an restaurant with accomodations. In return for our help they were willing to host us.

What does that mean? We were most of the time having fun but also build some furniture from wooden palettes, different signs and tables. We were occupied with planting peanuts, pineapples and similar stuff. We helped around the house in with organization in general.

But because the work was extremely heavy, kids from the village jumped in for help :)



Free time was spent eighter for exploring endless beaches of white sand. Including night swiming in the middle of glowing plankton - I don't know how to explain this, but it really is a Wooow thing :) I recommend you to google it: "glowing plankton"!


Eighter for a walk through the rain forrest.


Question: "how do you know you're in the jungle?" 
When you see only three colours around you: green, dark green and light green :)


Two weeks in paradise are quickly over and soon we had to return back to the mainland. This time without engine failures...

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