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I write this article for anyone complaining about slovenian roads :)

Videos below were taken somewhere on the main road Kazan - Perm, in european part of Russia:

and the second:

The worst thing it is when you're driving on completly good road with speed of 90km/h or more (because no one follow speed limits) and hit to something like this:

or this:

But we have to admit they have a good excuse for such conditions. Climate conditions here are extreme. From 35˚C in the summer, temperatures falls below -40˚C in winter. Daily weather changes can be also quite high. Materials are spreading, shinking... and none new road survives winter without cracks. But I can not shake the feeling it's only an excuse. Because similar climate is also in FInland, and in Canada... Anyway a lot of roads are being repaired now. Every couple of hundreds of kilometers you hit to some construction zone.

And not to be missunderstood. Most of the main roads in Russia are good. Like this one on photo below: 

But in villages outside of big cities, problems with cracking asphalt disapear. This is how the story goes there:

It's also nothing strange if you're driving and see a sign: Omsk 611km. Then you continue driving for half an hour and see the next one: Omsk 622km :) This is actual case not far further from Tyumen. But there are more...

So, in my memory I have wonderful slovenian roads :)

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