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Every country has it's own habits, customs and funny specifics. Those, who already traveled around Asia know, that the traffic there also flows a bit differently than we're used to in western world... But after half a year of observation, you encounter many things. The following is a short summary :)


Exercise no. 1: Driving surface


Location: Mongolia

Rule: Edge of the road is defined as the grass, half a meter away from the nearest patch of mud. In case of rain and/or burrs on the road, the edge thereof is shifted by 2 kilometers on a side.


Exercise no. 2: Traffic lights


Location: Vietnam

Green= drive,
yellow = drive,
red = drive with caution.


Exercise no. 3: Parking


Location: Malaysia

Rule: Be creative!


Exercise no. 4: Driving direction


Location: Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore

Rule: We're driving on left.


Exercise no. 5: Rule of foreigner


Location: China

Rule: In the case of accidents and injuries of pedestrians of foreign nationality is prescribed a higher penalty than if you hit a Chinese :)


Exercise no. 6: Track vehicles in traffic


Location: Vietnam

Rule: Bikers are cool :)


Exercise no. 7: Pedestrians in traffic


Location: Thailand

Idea: Pedestrian crossings with barriers stimulate the motor skills of the population.


Exercise no. 8: Maximum vehicle weight


Location: Everywhere

Rule: The actual maximum weight of the vehicle does not dependent on the maximum weight of the vehicle prescribed by the manufacturer and is considered merely as a recommendation.


Exercise no. 9: Maximum passanger number


Location: Malaysia

Recommendation: If the vehicle is registered for five people, it can carry at least nine :)


Exercise no. 10: Traffic jams


Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Advice: Be tolerant. You have no other choice.


Exercise no. 11: Dealing with incidents


Location: Russia

Instructions: The hole can be found on every road. In the event of damage to the tire you just need to walk to the nearest container labeled "Шиномонтаж" (Shinomontazh.) English translation would be: tire repair shop. Such you will find much sooner than any gas station, restaurant, motel,or the nearest town.


Exercise no. 12: Toll stations


Location: Vietnam

Advice: Much more effective is driving between the toll booths as through them!



Exercise no. 13: Using sound signals


Location: Vietnam

Rule: The more you honk, the more noticeable you will be in traffic. Therefore, do it as often as possible.


Exercise no. 14: Vehicles with trailers


Location: Vietnam

Rule: No rules...


Exercise no. 15: Transport of living goods


Location: Laos

Rule: Allowed without any restrictions.


Exercise no. 16: Public transport


Location: Cambodia

Rule: Everything that can be driven, can be used as public transport.


Exercise no. 17: Vehicle life span


Location: Russia

Philosophy: The car has to be driven till it goes. 800,000 kilometres? No problem...


Safe driving... :)

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