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When I was about six years old, I don't remember exact number, I haven't know much about history yet. Somewhere I saw swastika. I found it interesting. I was not just a borring cross, but it has also some stylish accessories at the ends. I took a chalk and draw it on the road in front of the house.

Then my mom came and froze terrified: "What are you drawing? Once they locked you in a prison for that!" She didn't want to say: "killed".

Then I went to school and for 12 years learn about evil nacism. Fast I realized, that is really not good to draw aound just like that. I didn't see an interesting cross with accessories any more. First thing I thought of every time I saw it, were gas chambers.

Then I started travelling and were very surprised, that I see same simbol on an budhist temple. I think of Blitzkrieg and say to myself: "No, no, this can not be related. How awkward coincidence."


Then I see amother, on amother temple in another city. And one more. That time I already knew that coincidences doesn't happen so often. I started ask around what the heck is going on. Are the nacis taking the world over while I'm travelling and only sloppy follow world news?

(Have you seen the movie Iron Sky?)


Well, soon I calm dowm. Locals explain that swastika is a very common and important symbol in budhism and hinduism. It represents the sun, it's peacefull journey across the sky, eternity and prosperity... "Whoa, very nice," i think. When you look at it wigh such explanation you really see the broken ends creating some sort of rotation ilusion.

Probably the same reasons impressed also Adolf, which simply just copied it. At the time of Budha there was no copyright offices yet :)


After five monts of crawling around budhist part of Asia, hooked cross almost doesn't catch my eyes any more. If it does, I don't think of Auswitz, I see the sun. For those travelling to Asia soon: "Don't be affraid, Hitler is still dead!" I could be wearing T-shirt with giant swastika on my back and no one would even look at me. Considering my own health, I wouldn't dare to do so in Europe. It's interesting theme for discussion. People like to destroy. Also the symbolics. When will we discredit all the symbols? The star is there already. If it's five pointed and red is the worst. But for this one there is still some hope. It's being saved by Heineken. The moon (crescent) is also loosing reputation in last decades. Especially in a combination with a star.

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