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More than three months of traveling is now behind me. When I think about it I have a feeling they were gone like a flash. Then start to realize what all things happened in this time, what I experienced, how many interesting people I met. How much I changed by myself or change the way of thinking. Sudenly I can't belive it's even possible in such a short time.


However, one more change is happening. With joy I can say that the crew of this trip got doubled and especially more beautiful. My friend Živa joined me in Hanoi.

Major differences in the way of traveling I wouldn't prognose. I travel more or less without actual plans and expectations anyway. The heading is still towards the rising sun, although that's not completely true in the geographical terms any more. I reached Asian east, the only dry piece of land leads us in the direction of Cambodia, Laos, Thailand...

I hope you will soon have a chance to read some article which author won't be me :)


Stay tuned. Adventures continue...

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