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Accross the Pacific is a long way. No one wants to sit on the airplane for fifteen hours. We wanted to split the journey in at least two pieces. Airfare scanner showed us a convenient option with a stop on Hawaii.

We had a flight booked to the capital Honolulu on the island of O'ahu. What is interesting is that the only way to travel between eight bigger islands is by plane. Two Hawaiian airlines have more or less a monopoly over the flights and the prices are high. For a flight from Honolulu to Big island we would need to spend twice the price of flight from Malaysia to Australia. We decided to stay on O'ahu.

When someone mentions Hawaii, the first impression are sun, sea and amazing beaches. Both of us prefer to spend time more actively than just to lay on the beaches, so we took a decision that nine days must be enough. But soon after landing we realised, we were all wrong with our expectations.


O’ahu indeed offers amazing beaches, but this is not everything.


Inner, mountainous part of the island is covered with rainforest. It's hidding endless possibilities for unforgettable hikes.


Of couse you can climb to some hills closer to the coast too. Which hike rewards with a greater view? Judge for yourself.


Completely different landscape in a distance of ten kilometres creates a kind of a mixed up climate. While there can be sunny without a cloud by the sea, the mountains are hidden in rainy clouds. Sun and rain are a magical combination and create a rainbow. Rainbow is a symbol of Hawaii. You can find it drawn of license plate of every car. After a couple of days we found out why. I think we saw it every day at least once :)


Honolulu by itself is just one more city. High skyscrapers and wide avenues. Well, the people seem very relaxed and peaceful.


I can not avoid mentioning Pearl Harbor. The bay used to be known for growing pearl oysters - that's where the name comes from. Today most people know it for an event that brought US into the second world war - the attack of the Empire of Japan to American navy. 

Nowadays you can find a memorial park on that site. Majority of it is open for public for free. I was surprised how the Japanese are presented in whole story. They are not some sort of a mean enemies, but more like: "We cut them from natural resources. Thay had no other option but to attack us!"

Today Japanese represent a big part of tourists in park mentioned. You can tell this just by looking on bilingual sign. The second language besides english is of course japanese.


Although we were expecting we won't have much to do for one week, O'ahu turned out to be one of the most actively spent parts of this journey.

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