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United states were one of the more expensive parts of this trip. Both of us already travelled around American Southwest, so we just wanted to get to Mexico as soon as possible. Mexican border might be dangerous, so we decided to cross it from Texas.

But Texas is something we would not want to leave without impressions. For the longest stop we choose San Antonio.



First thing we learned was that everything is bigger in Texas. Not only that the state is the biggest by area between the lower 48 (without Alaska and Hawaii), but you notice it when you visit a restaurant too. Tacos are so big that two are completely enough for a fair meal. If you also order a water or ice tee, they bring it in a liter glass.


Talking about Tacos, I have to mention, we were expecting much more cowboy-like city. But what we experienced was a little Mexico. Spanish is an unofficial second language. You can live in San Antonio with no problem without speaking English at all. Everyone knows Spanish, you can find mexican stores, signs are bilingual...

One sign was especially interesting. It was a notice on the doors of a supermarket, saying that it's against the law to bring a weapon inside, unless you have a license for it. It looks you don't need it otherwise :)


San Antonio lies on the banks of the river with the same name. But already at the first glance I got a feeling I've seen something similar before. A couple of months ago we travelled across Malaysia. On the photo below left is a tourist boat on the Malacca river in the city of Malacca. On the right is a boat on the San Antonio river in San Antonio.


In Malacca you can't miss signs: “Don’t mess with Melaka.” In San Antonio: “Don’t mess with Texas.” The meaning is identical. It's a propaganda to keep Texas/Malacca clean.


I don't know who copies whom, but I guess it doesn't matter. To make it even more interesting, you can google how does Texas flag look like. And how does of Malacca.

By the way, every American state has it's own flag. By the federal laws they can hang it anywhere, just to follow the rule, that it's always under national flag. Simply speaking, state flag must never fly solitary or above the flag of USA. Texas is of course an exception. It has a special status because of the period between liberation from Mexico and joining the United States. In that time it was for 10 years an independent country. And that's what Texans are very proud of even today. Texas revolution started in the mission of Alamo (photo below right.) Around Alamo later spread San Antonio.


Because our visit coincided with the beginning of the presidency of Donald Trump, unfortunately we can't skip that part neither. I can say this is almost the only topic you hear people talking about. Americans follow current events in White House like soap opera. Every day there is something new and more shocking. No one knows what the tomorrow will bring. But in any case, those elections brought a progress in american knowledge of geography. When I was traveling in USA three years ago, I spent five minutes in every chat, just to explain who or what is Slovenia. Now, when you mention you're from Slovenia no one asks any subquestions :)


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