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Guilin lies in the Guangxi province in the middle of amazing karst relief. Land is known as the most beautiful part of China. It's a heaven on earth for rock climbers.
From all mentioned it's obvious that it's something I want to visit. I searched the web if there is any volunteering option. I was surprised when I saw a post of a hostel looking for help in a village of Xingping - the hearth of this area. On the 20 yuan note there is a motive from Xingping.

But one thing at a time. I was warmly surprised by Guilin. The city is built around two rivers and four lakes, which try to remind even a bit of Venice. Or at least Amsterdam. Yes, of course with some imagination and chinese style.


But the night reveals fairyfale.


I traveled to Xingping by bus. It took almost 3 hours for around 100 kilometres. The reason were construction zones on every 2 corners. China is developing with visible speed.
Xingping, which I dared to mention as a village, local people call as a town. It's population is a couple of thousands and lies at Li river. To the hostel across the river, I had to take a ferry. The closest bridge is some ten kilometres away. You'll be able to see Li river on the photos later in this article. On the next photo is just one of it's tribunaries.


Actually it wasn't an ordinary hostel, but more a holiday permaculture farm. Main guests are groups of children, who come here during summer holidays to spend some time in the nature. 
My work was physical, but nothing heavy. There were two main projects. Finishing a pond and building a clay oven. Additionally I was also a driver of such cool tricycle as you can see on the photo below left :) I extended my stay here until two days before visa expiration date. So, you can imagine I enjoyed the time spent.



Atmosphere was very relaxed. I had a plenty of free time to explore the surroundings and find some peace places. I won't spend words, photos tell much better.



And I already mentioned all region is a heaven on earth for rock climbers. The hostel owner Leo (first from left on the right photo) is a passionate climber and so we went climbing to the nearby wall. Climbing routes are on every step. The closest was 100 meters from hostel...


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