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Australia is an expensive country. By now, the most expensive on this trip. We were in need of a solution. A way how to spend some weeks with minimum expenses. Then we found Kim and Nich. They were looking for someone, who would look after their house and animals. In return they offered meals and a place to stay. That was just like tailored for us.


The house is located in the middle of Eucaliptus forrest, not far from Healesville (photo below left), one hour driving from Melbourne. The place is a paradise for all nature lovers, like us. Hills offer great hikking paths and two creeks provide idilic spots for finding peace. But the forrest holds other traps. Destructive bushfire broke out in this area, seven years ago. Traces are still visible (photo below right.) The building survived thanks to home made system of pipes and water sprinklers around the roof. I found it very clever and efficient solution.



The day when we arrived I asked Nich: "Hmm, how long do you think we could help you?"
"Well, let's say a week or so, then we'll see how we get along..."
We got along great, and another three weeks passed before we said goodbye. We helped around the house, with anything that needed some attention. But our main project became painting the walls.



The time we weren't working (mostly all afternoon), trekking, watching "That 70s Show"... Ziva used for sunbathing, but Ales for chilling in the shade :) Weather in Australia is (by our experiences) quite funny thing. It's on the southern hemisphere - in December, January there is summer. But not exactly the summer we were expecting. There was a day with 35°C, but on the next one it could happen thermometer didn't reach 20° mark. After that, again some hot day followed. Changes were sudden and significant...


Of course we didn't miss a chance to visit Melbourne.


Like in Australia in general, you can feel very easy going atmosphere also in Melbourne. This feeling is added up by colourful, grafitti decorated  streets.


One of such is even more interesting, especially because of the name - AC/DC Lane :) Not to make a wrong impression, not all the streets are so picturesque. From a distance the city shows a mixture of old victorian and modern architecture.


The random roaming brought us to another street with interesting name - Batman Avenue. "Wow, australians seems to be really into superheroes!" I think for myself. But this roaming gave us one more enlightment. Suddenly we saw a monument of John Batman - founder of the city. It looks it doesn't have much with the superheroes after all :)


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