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We were welcoming the year that is just about to expire on - for us the most far away continent - Australia. At that time, those 365 days represented the future. But future seems so empty. We know nothing about it.

Then we left a land down under with a time machine and visited three more continents. We met amazing people. Such that offered us free accomodation. In San Francisco when the other option was a cold night. Or free ride accross proverbally dangerous Mexican north. Even such that offered us meals. Like grilled cactus at pristine Mexican picnic in the nature. We grilled our own sausages and zucchinis on Guatemalan vulcanoes. On Costa Rican we bath in the hot rivers. In Brasil we decided the right time has come and finnished around the world trip after 410 days. Other projects followed. Observing th old new world and finding our position in it. We prepared six travel lectures. A book was published. It's availabe only in slovene language for now. It carries the name V iskanju svobode (eng.: In search of freedom.)

Now those 365 days represent the past. Even though it seems they passed in a moment, they are everything but empty. When we look to all the events we notice there are quite a few. There are exciting and positive, there are a bit less positive too. But from all we learned a lot. We would say those 365 days are well filled.


But what's behind us is behind us. A new year is bringing new days. We wish you all, that they would be filled with unforgettable adventures, new people, unexpected visits and free thinking.


Don't forget: "The thing about trains ... It doesn't matter where they're going. What matters is deciding to get on." [The Polar Express]


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